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API Documentation for

The API is a simple JSON over HTTP web service for text mining and natural language processing. It is currently free and open for public use without authentication, though that may change in the future.

It currently offers the following functionality:

Demos of the above functionality are located at text processing demos. You may also be interested in Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Client Libraries

You can find client libraries for java, ruby, python, php, and objective-c at Mashape Text-Processing API.

API Limits

The public API is for non-commercial purposes, and each method is throttled to 1000 calls per day per IP. If you want higher limits, or to use the API for commercial purposes, use the Mashape Text-Processing API.

If you’re interested in a different kind of solution/setup, such as a self-hosted API, please fill out this Text Processing API survey. If you are interested in custom development, custom corpus creation/bootstrapping, or would like a custom trained model, please fill out the Natural Language Processing Services Survey.

Notification of API changes will be given on the streamhacker blog and/or Jacob’s twitter feed.